Tax optimization

Making the right decisions is fundamental for each company’s success. Entrepreneurs meet a number of difficulties in their everyday work, as well as many information in the press articles, television programs and the Internet portals contradictory to each other. It is difficult to run a business easily in such situation. Support of the experienced ADEP legal and tax advisory - having the knowledge of many tax, fiscal and labour law aspects, as well as other related regulations - is the answer to such a state of affairs.

We guarantee our Clients a comprehensive information enabling to make the most favourable from their point of view decisions. Each problem of our Clients undergoes a detailed analysis of our specialists in tax law, accountancy and civil code, among others. The ADEP Tax Advisory specialists make the right decisions based on the applicable provisions under the respective administrative court jurisprudence and instructions of tax offices. The objective of such activity is to ensure our Clients a maximum comfort of running a business activity and to accept the responsibility for taken decisions by ADEP at the same time.


Effectively run business is, first of all, the full awareness of the objective of activity, as well as the optimal defined legal and tax aspects. We offer our Clients consultancy and support in making the right decisions that aim at the most favourable way to secure their businesses and properties by the optimal selection of form of running a business activity.

In the case of each business entity, among others:

  • sole proprietorship,,
  • civil law partnerships,
  • limited liability companies,
  • limited partnerships,

we show the best means of the company’s development and help an Entrepreneur in activities related to establishing the selected form of activity.


The long-standing experience, supported by references of our Clients for whom we obtained several dozen PLN million in total from the EU Funds, causes that we are the leading company in the region. We specialise in “hard” investment projects for entrepreneurs from the small and medium-sized enterprises sector (MŚP), implemented especially as part of the Regional Operational Programme of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province, the Polish Agency of Enterprise Development, as well as the National Centre for Research and Development.


What the cooperation looks like:

1. We define needs

We want to know our Clients’ needs to select the best solution for them. During the first meeting, we define and analyse together the plausibility of obtaining subsidy for a given idea.

2. We sign the agreement

After obtaining necessary information, we introduce a preliminary quotation and if the Client agrees, we define the details of cooperation.

3. Controlling the process of preparing application

At this stage, we control the whole process of preparing application and its assessment in a competent institution.

4. Assistance in settlement of the project

We provide complete assistance in settlement of the project to current and new Clients. We provide comprehensive subject-related supervision over preparation of the applications for payment until the application is settled.

5. Satisfied Client

After settlement of the subsidy, we remain in contact with the Client by telephone and e-mail and often return to the cooperation while performing another EU projects.

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